Monday, November 26, 2012


I had big plans to blog today about our trip to Austria.

Instead, I woke up sick.

And now, I have no energy. Yes, I know I'm blogging NOW, but this'll be quick.

Whenever Josh goes on business trips, bad things happen in my world. Nothing majorly horrible, but irritating enough to make me want to shove a pen in my eye.

This time,
- issues selling our house in the states (including have to pay out the ass to sell)
- car broke down
- water heater flooded in our house here. Landlord was gone on vacation, so I had to get his 80something father to come help (the 80something father who's missing most of his fingers, can't bend his leg, and can't raise his arm)
- elderly father-in-law fell, broke his leg, and found out he has semi-serious (unrelated to the leg breaking) medical issues
- dog having stomach issues

None of these things are particularly bad in and of themselves. And, everything's really calmed down the past week or so. I'm sick. Apparently the universe is having a grand time fucking with me.

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