Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Things that Bother Courtney

I'm in a poopy mood. I spent all day baking a cake that ended up weighing 20lbs, easy. Plus I may have burnt it a little bit. Plus, it only rose to approximately 1/2". Plus, I decorated it with candy, so I had all these open bags of candy around, so I ate some....okay, lots. Plus, Josh went to the Belgian Bar on base (ha! alliteration) without me (I NEED A CAR!!!), so I drank his last beer at the house. Now my stomach is full of jelly beans and beer, and I may puke. Or poop all night. I don't know, but it's awfully gurgly, and I don't feel the greatest.

So, seeing as how I'm in a poopy mood (figuratively, and most likely soon-to-be literally), I feel like griping some more. So here I go.

1. I hate it when people type "bwahahaha" or "bahahaha". Mostly because it reminds me of somebody that I really really really don't like. Plus it just irks me.

2. Please quit naming your child retarded names. Pretty soon, we're going to have people named Blexlina, Falafel, and Triskadelphia.

3. Also, please quit spelling your child's name like that. The name "Jane" should not have a number, a symbol, 4 extra vowels, and a z.

4. I have said it before, and I'll say it again: your is possessive, and you're means 'you are'.

5. I just took a break from blogging, because the Mister came home from work. He brought home the mail. In the mail was a German bill for €137 for riding in an ambulance to the hospital when I broke my ankle. This bothers me greatly.

6. Forgetting to check if there is any toilet paper before I sit down.

7. Buttered popcorn jelly beans. Why?!?

8. It really bothers me when Josh trims his beard. He leaves beard bits all over the bathroom sink, and the shelf over the sink (where I keep my toothbrush). Yes, he was born in a barn.

9. Whenever we buy a case of German beer on base, it comes with a freebie. Typically it's a free glass (but we have gotten t-shirts and a barbecue set before). Also, when we go on wine walks and tastings, we get free wine glasses. I have a cupboard full of freebie glasses. 75% of them have to be hand-washed. I'm really lazy. But Josh (and most of our guests) drink out of glasses when they have beer. That means the next day I am hand-washing enough glasses to make me feel like an 1860s saloon wench.

10. Not having enough money to do and buy everything I want. Someone send me some money. I'll send you happy thoughts in exchange. I'm sure I'll get over my funk just in time to cash the check.


  1. I'm naming my kid Falafel now, just because it's a hilarious word and because I know you'll hate it. :) BAHAHAHAAH, just kidding.

  2. Quit whining! Your getting on my nerves. Bahahaha! This is Lacie :)

  3. 1. Guilty :-(
    3. I hate that because of those people I have to spell "RYAN"!
    4. I hate that too! And Their, there and they're!!!
    5. I had no idea I'd be spending so much on German healthcare :-(
    6. Yep.
    7. I HATE THOSE...YUCK!! They belong in the Harry Potter Jelly Belly pack along with barf and boogers!
    9. Doesn't help that our sinks were made for a Playskool kitchen.
    10. See #5!

    1. Really, the "bwahaha" thing is just because of this one person that I hate. Don't sweat it. It just makes me cringe every time. ;)

      The Ryan thing makes me laugh. One of Josh's coworkers spells his first name as "Rion" (pronounced like Ryan). BUT, that's because his actual first name is "Orion", so I don't think that counts.

  4. thinking about "Baby Falafel" made me laugh!!!! That name will be in my head FOREVER!