Friday, April 1, 2011

Short Stories

We haven't really done many exciting things this week. So instead of one long tale, here's a bunch of short stories to tide you over til next time.

- Boredom. I hate to admit it, but I'm bored. Like, really bored. I know, I know, I'm in Germany, how is that possible?? Well, our rental car is a standard, which I can't drive. Yes, Dad, eventually I will learn how. But until then, I'm stuck at home without a car. We have daily housekeepers come, so I really don't have any cleaning to do - maybe the occasional load of dishes. I take Sasha for a walk and to the dog park, but that only lasts so long before she gets all cranky with other dogs being in her space. So my day is filled with internet, tv, reading, and German lessons online. Now, as I type that out, it really sounds like a good day. But trust me, it gets old after awhile.

- Colabier. This is a new one on me. Having been out to several bars/restaurants, I have noticed something. Every once in awhile, the bartender will fill a glass with half beer and half soda. It will be either cola or lemon-lime soda. (I have also seen half beer/half water and half wine/half water). Anyway - Colabier. One bartender told us it's really good for the designated drivers. He said a person can have two drinks normally without having to worry about driving home, but with Colabier, you can drink three or four (logical, eh?). Well, guess who has a fondness for this new taste sensation? Hint: It ain't me. Now, most of you know Josh cannot drink beer. Cider, yes. Beer, no. Until now. I must say, it's awesome to hear him say, "I'm so excited I can drink beer now." And I just giggle at him every time.

- Cherry sours. Recently, we bought a bag of cherry sours - little round, red balls of sour/sweet candy deliciousness that you can get in any gas station in the world. Well, in my state of overzealous excitement that I had a bag of cherry sours, I dropped one. Rufus quickly rant to it, and adopted it as his new favorite toy in the whole wide world. This is not surprising. He has a habit of stealing bottle caps, pens, and back in the day, cigarettes. He loves batting them around on wood floors. Well, apparently cherry sours are better than all of those things. He's been playing with the damn thing for a week. Then, he got a hold of the bag, and batted it around until several more sours fell out. Pretty soon he lost track of where they went, and us being the epitome of laziness - we just left them. Not for good - we figured he would find them sooner or later. Which he did, today. This is where the epic hilarity comes in. Today, Sasha had enough and wanted in on the fun. Now, she has her squirrel that she loves to play with. But, seeing the cat having all this fun with these sours, she wanted in on it too. So they batted one of the sours back and forth to each other, until she got REALLY excited, and started to pick it up in her mouth, and toss it around the apartment. I'm sure it's one of those things that really isn't that funny unless you see it. Ok, it's probably one of those things that is only funny to Josh and I, because these are our kiddos. BUT ANYWAY, with her tossing the sour around, she must have gotten a taste of it. All of a sudden, she snatches it up, goes to her kennel, and eats the damn thing. Then, seeing two more cherry sours on the floor, she gets them, brings them back to her kennel, and eats those too. She is still trying to lick the candy goo off her blanket.

- House-hunting thru history. Josh and I have been house-hunting this week - quite unsuccessfully, I might add. We went to this house about thirty minutes away, which was built in the 1500s. No kidding. It was AMAZING!!!! TOTALLY not right for us, and an absolute money pit, but SO AWESOME! Really, it was only a kitchen, a living room, a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and 2.5 bathrooms. But it was about 3000 square feet, at least. The living room and master bedroom were absolutely MASSIVE. There were ponds outside the front of the house, and a huge backyard. It was all rock, and log beams, and stucco everywhere. The living room had a 16' well sitting in one corner of it. Seriously, an actual well. The other corner of the living room had this large fountain, with a gargoyle sitting at the base of it. The water is pumped up, flows out of the gargoyles mouth, and along this channel cut into the middle of the living room, flowing into the well on the other side. Even though we knew this house wasn't right for us at all (no internet access, really expensive too heat, the ceilings were too high to clean, and there were cobwebs everywhere) it was still worth it to go take a look. Alright, the real reason - I'm too much of a big baby to ever live in a house like that. Every bump in the middle of the night would make me wet the bed. I convince myself that there were ghosts lurking around every corner. There would be ZERO sleep for Courtney...therefore zero sleep for Josh, because I would wake him up every five minutes to tell him I'm scared.

Alright kids, that's all I got for right now. Hopefully we do some fun things this weekend, and I'll have more interesting things to talk about. :)

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