Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy, Pappy?

I've been watching waaaaaay too much Seinfeld recently. We don't have tv...well, we have a tv, we just don't have any channels. We ALSO recently bought Season 1-8 of Seinfeld ($75!! I'm a super-awesome deal finder). So that means we've been watching Seinfeld, nonstop, for two weeks. But that's ok, I can now beat anyone at Seinfeld trivia. Go ahead, try me!

Recently, Josh and I have been hanging out with actual people!!! Every week, a couple times a week, we see several non-Aycocks, which is very exciting (not that I'm bashing non-non-Aycocks at all...but there are only 2 Aycocks here, and they sometimes need a break from the monotonaycocky).

We still do trivia night once a week at a local bar. But MAN, why do they have to do it at 10pm? I know I'm still in my twenties (barely) and I should be able to stay up til all hours, but ugh....I'm a wimp. But it's worth it to be able to flex my huge brain. :)

Last weekend we went to see a movie with some friends - Bridesmaids. Now, this movie was out in the states months ago, but it takes some time to make it over to us. Also, this is the first time we've been out to the movie theater in over a year and a half. This was actually a really funny movie. (no, dad, it's NOT a chick-flick!) However, I've been reminded why we never go to the movie theater. For one thing, my poor, previously broken tailbone cannot take 2 hours of non-fidgeting. Combine that with my newly broken ankle that kept falling asleep every time I crossed my legs, and you get one uncomfortable Aycock. But the main reason we don't go to the movies - I don't play well with others, specifically other moviegoers. I could take first prize in an eye-rolling contest. Hell, I swear I saw the inside of my brain at several points throughout the movie. People are just sooooo annoying! There was a group behind us that INSISTED on commenting on the movie the ENTIRE TIME. It was kind of humorous at some points: "Oh my God, she totally doesn't deserve him if that's how she's going to act." But then, you realize that these people are adults (or should be - it's a rated R movie) and they're commenting on the lives of fictitious people. And LOUD!!! Man, people laugh at ridiculous things. I will be the first to admit - I am not a laugh-out-loud-er. I love to laugh, and I laugh all the time. But, it takes a LOT to get me to laugh during movies and tv...mostly because I'm a different kinda animal than most, and I'm kinda hard to amuse...unless you're one of the Monty Python boys, or Wes Anderson, and then you crack me up.

Sunday, Josh and I went to a Schnapps burning festival, but left after half an hour. The town smelled like manure, there were about 5 booths, and you had to buy tickets to buy beer, and we didn't feel like having THAT song and dance with the non-English-speaking children running the booths. As we're walking around, we see an awful lot of children shooting plastic pellet guns...aiming at people, shooting up in the air...didn't really make us feel that safe. Oh, that, and there was some sort of very large childrens' ride/slide contraption/horrible torture rack where tons of unsupervised children were dragging themselves down, just begging to get their fingers & hair caught in the gears and ripped away from their bodies...

But we DID see something pretty cool. Well, cool for my family, anyway. And I know my parents will likely disown me for not taking any pictures. Well, Mom and Dad, it's been real. Anywho, they had about 5 or 6 BMW motorcycles w/sidecars from the past few decades. The oldest (I think) was a 1944 BMW sidecar used by German soldiers - picture Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

We've been really low-key for the past couple of weekends. I mean, we've done a lot, just locally. But, the Mister will be going to Maryland for a month at the end of August, so we promise we'll take a trip before then. So there. :)

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