Monday, July 25, 2011

Casa de Aycock

I've been ignoring numerous requests for pictures of the inside of our palace. Not because I didn't want people to see it, but because we still had unpacking to do. But, we had people over this weekend, and what better way to get your rear in gear and finish setting up house? So, here is our house. Complete with narration:

(FYI, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Here's the main (2nd floor) entrance to our house:

Bathroom's on the left:

Yes, that is a urinal. (Don't worry, there is also a toilet to the left)

Kitchen's to the right of the entrance:

There is a mini-fridge in the kitchen, but we also have a huge pantry with a full-size fridge in there.

From the kitchen, we go to the dining room:

From the dining room, you can go out onto the terrace:

And the lovely view:
(it really is a great view - photos don't do it justice)

From the dining room, you can also go to the living room:

From the living room, we go to the stairwell:

1st Floor (we also call it the basement, but it's not really below ground)

From the stairs, you have the bathroom on the right, the oil room straight ahead, and the other rooms to the left:

The 1st floor bathroom:
There is also a shower on the left side.

Here's what will eventually be Josh's pool room:

On the left side of the pool room, thru the door, is what will be our "game room". Eventually, we're going to get a couch (a pull-out, so we'll have an extra bedroom) and some chairs for the game room.

Then, on the right side of the pool room is the 1st floor entrance, and beyond that, the laundry room, deep freezer, and storage room:

The view from our downstairs porch. Up on that hill is a biergarten. Tragic, isn't it?

Ok, back to the stairs. Now we're going up to the 3rd floor:

3rd floor hallway. From here, the bathroom is on the right, the guest room is straight ahead, the master bedroom is next to that, another storage room is next to the master, and then our dressing room is on the left.

Yes, ladies, we have a dressing room. Two wardrobes on the right side, and one wardrobe and one dresser on the left side. (remember - no closets in Germany)

Unfortunately for us, the bathroom is a horrible pepto-pink color:

This is the guest bedroom/office. As soon as I find the perfect desk, I'll be able to unpack the very last box (which is why the far side of the room has crap stacked up).

And, finally, the master bedroom. Eventually, we're going to buy a chaise lounge, and make a little reading nook in the corner.

Yes, that's Sasha under the bed.

We still need to get a lot of artwork, and trinkets (not to mention several pieces of furniture) - we have a lot of bare walls and shelves. But, we have a ton of room, so we need to start having houseguests!! Maybe I should run my own bed & breakfast....

Also, did you notice how many pictures Sasha and Rufus were in? I can't do a bloomin' thing without both of them following me, wherever I go.

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