Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Make an Angry Aycock

It's bedtime. Josh goes downstairs with Sasha, to let her out the back door to go to the bathroom. I'm doing last minute pick-up in the living room, and I turn off all of the lights. I see the shadow of a wagging tail on the steps by the FRONT door. I open it up, and it's Sasha, all smiles. She waltzes in the house, sits down by the steps, and waits for me to go upstairs to bed. I didn't really think anything of it, I just thought she was cute...

Then I start thinking....well, Mr. Aycock let her out the back door....I'll call out to him from the FRONT door and tell him I have Sasha. Well, it's 11pm, and I don't want to piss off our already nasty German neighbors, so I "yell quietly." (talk about an oxymoron).

I get no response, so I assume the Mister is IN the house. So I close the door, and yell downstairs to him.

No response.

Eh, he'll figure it out. So I continue to clean up the kitchen a bit, close some windows, etc.

So it's been about 3 minutes since Sasha came in the house. I go get a drink of water. Then I see the shadow of a large angry man on the front steps.


"Oh, she's right here!" *points to smiling dog calmly waiting to go upstairs to bed*

"I've been *&%*&ing yelling for her this whole time!! WHY WOULD YOU LET HER IN THE HOUSE AND NOT TELL ME?!?"


And there you have it: How to make an Angry Aycock.

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