Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trace Bundy

Thursday, Josh and I went to a Trace Bundy concert with one of his friends from work. It was at a little hall in downtown Ramstein. I think a grand total of 70 people were in the audience.

Now, I had never heard of Trace Bundy before, but he is this SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC guitar player. He does his own interpretations of old songs, and he also does his own stuff. He used some kind of looping machine to basically create a whole backup band.

Check it:

Now, just so you know, the Aycocks are the authorities on what is good music. And trust me, friends - this is good music.

Plus, the guy was really nice. He met everybody, and signed whatever, and took pictures with people. A kid and his dad had driven down from Amsterdam to come to the concert, and this kid was so freaking cute!!! He was pretty star-struck, and Trace shook his hand and talked to him from the stage. He was a cool guy.

That's Trace in the middle. The other guy (Chris) is Josh's friend from work. Who's actually pretty cool, too. And I'm not going to lie - it freaked me out a little to add him on Facebook, and see all of the people on the "people you may know" section. Apparently Chris has mutual friends with several people I grew up with. Small world, eh?

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