Monday, July 18, 2011

Yes, Yes I am in the Land of the Living

Sooooooo, I'm here. I'm back. Don't hate.

We moved into our house on July 1st. YAY! Best day ever. Buuuut, we didn't have the internet for over a week. Then, I got lazy for a week. Hence, no blogs.

But whatevs, I'm here now.

So - we now live in an out of the way village, on an out of the way street. It's nice and quiet. The house is HUGE, but livable. I have a kitchen. The dog has a backyard, and a neighbor dog to "play" with. (The neighbor dog plays with her, and she stonewalls him). The cat has tons of corners to hide in. Josh has his comfy bed back.

I'm almost done unpacking everything. It's really slow going with a sore leg, and three stories to climb up and down. But, I only have two boxes left. The hardest thing is finding space for all the little geegaws. Germans don't do closets, so it's realllly difficult. Thankfully we have a nice, big pantry, and one big closet on the first floor, and one big closet on the third floor.

We do still need to buy some furniture. What's really nice is that the base has a "yard sale" website, that's basically like Craig's List (but confined to the base area). It's awesome, but competitive. Hopefully I'll find some nice things soon, though.

I'm still getting used to the German appliances (oven, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer). And I still have to look up oven temperature conversions on the internet...but at least I have a big kitchen, now.

I'll try to be done with everything (as much as possible) in the house this week so I can post some pictures. (so all the parental figures in our lives can quit nagging)

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